80's Shred

Song title Duration Download
80s Shred 0:39 Link
I watched Peter Thorn doin' some advertisment for Suhr Guitars. That inspired me to record some 80's shred myself.
Markus Steiner played the drums and I recorded the guitars and the bass with my Behring V-Amp.
I'm proud of the interlude, cause it changes between E Minor and E Major, but I was still able to pull off some nice shredding over it.


Walk On Water

Song title Duration Download
Walk On Water 0:39 Link
Short solo sequence of the band's newest song.
It was all recorded at our rehearsal room.
Even though the audio recroding is not perfect yet, I think I am getting better at the whole audio engineering.
I was a lot of work but also a lot of fun getting the right mix together.



Song title Duration Download
180 3:41 Link
Kaboom 2:07 Link
Orchid 4:28 Link
These three songs were recorded 2005 as a guitar demo.
It was my first expirience with digital audio recoding.
Some recording was done in the rehearsal room and some in my appartment.


All I Want

Song title Duration Download
All I Want 2:41 Link
Recorded by JUNE dARK 2003 at Musicians Institute.
She did all the drum programming.
Thanks June!


Mace Nemeth (Debut)

Song title Duration Download
Welcome 4:00 Link
Tears For You 3:10 Link
Midnight Race 3:55 Link
Summertime 3:39 Link
Somewhere 3:41 Link
This is my first solo record. I recorded it for the Swiss music convention in 1998.
I think this was also my first step into audio recording. It was all recorded with an TASCAM 488 Portastudio 8-track cassette recorder.

Just me shreding. I think at some point I was one beat off, but still in time :-).