Racing Wah

I modified an old Dunlop Cry Baby with pedals for car tuning.
There is also a spring to pull back the wah when it's not in use.


Based on the famous MXR Distortion, I built a distortion myself.
I wanted to build a stomp box that looks special.
During a lunch break I came to the Idea that I could create a distortion pedal in the style of the Fender Stratocaster.
Since the Stratocaster has it's own knobs and switches designed only for that guitar, I thought it must be fun to create a stomp box look a like
Behold! Here it is the Strat-O-Drive. I used the 5-way switch, to switch between different diodes. In the middle position I even used LED diodes. LEDs sound totally different as opposed to conventional diodes.
The colour should be close to sea foam green......

Les Paul-O-Drive

Sorry, I had to do it.....
I had so much fun creating the Strat-O-Drive. The logical consequence was to create a stomp box in the style of the other famous guitar the Gibson Les Paul.
Of course it needed a binding and a sunburst finish. Had to repaint the dam thing three times :-(
The ground of my celler is coulered with a light red by now..... but it was worthy.
I use the three way toggle switch to add a pair of diodes for a more compressed sound

MOTU Drive

Ok, for all of you who were not 80's kids: MOTU stands for Masters of the Universe.
The Masters were back in the day some of the most successfull action figures.
Since I am one of those 80's kids, I created a Distortion Pedal in MOTU-Style
It's the first pedal with my own electronic desing and so far it sounds pretty good.

Dual Master Volume

I am currently working on a new project:
A lot of guitar amps don't have a 2nd master volume, that could be used to boost the guitar during the solo.
That's the reason why I want to build a pedal that has two independent master volumes.

Update. Done it!!
Here it is in sparkle red. I named it "2x Volume"
The Pedal can be placed in the serial effect loop of the amplifier. No need to make modifications to the amp.
The other option would be to use the pedal at the end of the fx chain.
There are two volume pots (V1 and V2).
Switching between both volumes can be accomplished either with the built in switch or a remote switch.
The remote switch is thought to keep the signal path short.
Example: The pedal can be placed on top of the amplifier while the switching is done with a remote unit somewhere on the stage.

Corona 2x Volume

This one is the Corona Version of the 2X-Volume. I created this for my good friend Sam.

F-40 Drive

The F-40 Drive is dedicated to one of the craziest sport cars ever hit the streets, the Ferrari F-40.
I took the wheels of an old F-40 Model as control knobs.
It's basically a Ibanez TS9 replica.

The Arsenal

Here they are, all in a row
Got two distortion boxes, a dual master volume pedal and my version of the cry baby.