About this Website

Mace Nemeth   

Hi, my name is Mace Nemeth. I like to play the guitar and work on some DIY equipment.
On this site I want to share a couple of guitar related things I have discovered or created over the years.


A selection of guitars that I built so far.


I never managed to build my own amp, so I started to customize one....


Effect padals that I've developed or modified.


Ideas I came up with or picked up at some point


Some recording I have done over the years

Out of Gravity

I am the guitar player of the band "Out of Gravity"


About Me

I started playing the guitar when I was ten years old. When I was 18 years old I had the chance to play for the Swiss retailer of jackson guitars at the Swiss music convention. For that occasion I recorded my first 5 track CD. Around the new millennium I decided to move to Los Angeles to study at the famous Musicians Institute. While I studied at MI's GIT, I found out about the guitar builder course that was also offered by MI. So I attend Guitar Craft Academy (GCA) in 2003/2004 and got awarded outstanding student. Back in Switzerland I formed my own band Nemeth. I also started to build some guitars in my cellar. Lately I started developing guitar effects. I also like to modify guitar gear, so I came up with the idea to tune my Cry Baby Wah-Wah pedal with auto tuning material and my old Marshall cabinet got covered with red fabric.

I hope you will enjoy my website. Just drop a note if you feel like. mace@nemethmusic.com